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About the AIR Program

Casino Nova Scotia is working with Music Nova Scotia to continue to build the profile of our local music industry. The Artist in Residence program will increase the opportunities for the development of emerging artists in Nova Scotia as well as the continued development of our music industry. Casino Nova Scotia is contributing $20,000 to this program to provide a local emerging musician or group with support and opportunities to develop their career. Music Nova Scotia is responsible for administering the fund.

For more information on how to apply for the Artist in Residence program visit Music Nova Scotia.

About Port Cities

For Port Cities, the sum is definitely greater than the parts, no matter how great those parts are. They were three of the East Coast’s brightest rising stars, all hailed as formidable songwriters and performers, each with their own promising solo careers. But that was then. Now, each brings distinct strengths to bear to create a sound that’s different from anything that they’ve done on their own, or anything you’ve heard from the rich East Coast before. Breagh Mackinnon, Carleton Stone and Dylan Guthro are Port Cities.

More about Port Cities can be found on their website at portcities.ca

Port Cities

"Truly loved them. Incredible musicians, we were blown away."

Zachary Monson, Stingray Music


Zachary Monson, Stingray Music


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For info on how to apply to the Artist in Residence program

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For an all-star band with sophisticated songwriting and perfect three-part harmony

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Past Winners

2015 – Reeny Smith

2014 – The Brood

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